Pet-Friendly Motorhome Hire

Taking your dog on holiday is becoming more and more popular and at Gill's Motorhomes, your dog can enjoy your holiday right by your side. Our pet-friendly motorhome and campervan hire means your pet can still have the home comforts they're used to; plus you don’t have to worry pet sitting costs or missing your pet while you're away.

Here at Gill's Motorhomes, we are true animal lovers, and for every dog-friendly motorhome hire we take, we donate £25 to the fantastic Saints Sled Dog Rescue (SSDR), a charity very close to our heart. SSDR is nationwide, voluntary run, non-profit organisation, whose aim is to help as many unwanted and stray Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes as possible through the process of fostering and re-homing, or simply supporting their owners with help and advice

If this is the first time you're travelling with your dog, here are our top tips:

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